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Default Possibility to fix HD?

For no apparent reason (it was just lying on my desk, didn't even drop it) my ZVM froze. Since it didn't respond, I used a paperclip to reset it. This brought up the recovery mode. First I went with "Reboot", which just brought me back to the recovery mode. Then I wanted to delete the firmware, which gave me a "Harddisk Problem". The Scan Disk starts, but does nothing (I waited nearly one hour). Formatting (I have a backup anyway) just gives me the same Harddisk Problem. The MP3 Recovery Tool tries installing a new firmware (well, tries installing the same one again), but freezes shortly before completion. The player IS recognized when I connect it, although it claims to be empty (which is entirely possible, maybe formatting DID work), and I can't transfer anything on it.

Now, I've already been looking aroung the web a bit, including this forum. What I found is "Yes, happens all the time", and "It's easy to open and fix it, or if that doesn't work, replace the hard drive." Indeed, opening it is no problem, and it's lying there in front of me. Still "working", I left the battery connected and only opened the case, so I can still turn it on (and get the usual recovery mode). With the case open, I can even hear the HD working, although at first it makes pretty ...strange noise, hard to describe. Even sounds a bit like music at first. After about 30 secs it changes to a barely audible whir, which may not even be the HD itself but something else in there.

Now, the point is, if I can help it I DON'T want to replace it. That's the next step. But first I want to try fixing it. I read it happens that a connection comes loose and the HD is not found anymore. So, which connection would that be? Is there any way to check it? And if yes, can I reconnect it?

EDIT: Uhm, I actually wanted to post that in the repair forum. Can someone move it there?

Further EDIT: Since I am extremely impatient I continued messing around with it. I unplugged the HD but left the battery in, with the result that ...nothing changes. Still the same recovery screen. So the problem is definitely with not-noticing-the-HD-is-there. It can't be completely dead, because it still makes noise, but this may not mean anything. The whir I mentioned above is not the HD, it's something else, probably the main board.

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