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Default disappearing/reappearing A728 volume control

So I went through my regular routine yestersay morning, listening to my 2 year old A728 through a set of external speakers while in the shower and getting ready for work. Well, I got into the truck, I plug in my walkman and no volume at all and no ability to press up or down. The unit did not even show the volume display while pressing buttons but when on hold it did respond to a pressed vol. button by telling me the unit was on hold. Tried using the reset button with no luck. Now to be honest I keep the bath really steamed up for a really long time (ya, I know, TMI) so I was thinking that perhaps the humidity had killed the player. After all, I have read many stories about the ipods and humidity problems. Anyway, I put the player in my shirt pocket, planing to set it in the refridgerator for awhile to zap the moisture out of it when suddenly it starts working again like new. No new problems in the last 24 hours but this has got me worried. Aside from the low capacity, it's my favorite player and I've been blessed with some good ones (Clip, Fuze, Walkmans A & X).

So, anyone have a clue to my recent trouble? Is the humidity factor only in my mind? should I start putting my players in a ziplock bag or something waterprof? And, if I end up needing to replace this thing, any serious reccomendations?

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