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Old 12-11-2009, 08:08 PM
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Default Zen Vision M to Zen XFi2 convert/ XFi2 Impressions/review.

So my XFi2 16GB came in today afternoon.

I'm not posing an in-depth impression/review for the moment.

I'll start off with the packaging...the player came in a heavy plastic packaging...better get a cutter/pen-knife to remove it from the bottom...& be careful! I almost cut my fingers off while removing the plastic film.

Seriously Creative(other companies also) could do much better than using such hard plastic!

The player looks great. The looks department it's a real head turner. Maybe it's just me I totally dig black/silver combination.

But the text engraving at the bottom is soo cheap! It's perhaps the cheapest engraving I've seen ever...the engraving is nothing compared to the Zune or even the old gen iPod mini!

The included USB cable is ridiculous it's not even 10 cm's long maybe 5-7 cms. How can one manage to connect the player to a computer is beyond my thinking ability.

Creative botched up BIG time on giving such a ridiculously small cable!

Luckily the USB cable of the Vision:M connects perfectly fine to it. So I'll look this one off no problem.

There is no driver CD or manual CD. There's just a quick start guide inside with the EP-630 in-ear phones.

Why they chose EP-630 when they've made a new model EP-840 is beyond me, again! Anyway forget that EP-630 do sound fantastic I already own a pair of them.

The transfer speed when doing file/music transfers is seriously pathetic.

For the player it's 3.10 MB/sec maximum fluctuates between 3.01 - 3.10 MB/sec when transferring stuff.

For the microSD card. I tried a Sandisk basic 2GB Card it goes 3.40MB/sec - 3.89MB/sec

microSD slot has a greater transfer speed than the player! Makes me think Creative is using real cheap NAND Flash for such slow transfer rate!

Firmware upgrading was easy as pie. Just connected the player, double-clicked the Firmware downloaded file it did it's restart nothing. Two thumbs up for that!

I use WMP for transferring music & I'm like wow! This player is an EPIC FAILURE for Album Art support.

All the Album Art which shows up in WMP won't show up in this player.

The only way this damn thing will show the Album Art is if it's embedded in the ID3 tags.

eg. like iTunes embeds it for iPods.

I used winamp even for embedding Album won't load it through that.

Then finally I gave that stupid iTunes which I hate like no other a shot.

You know what it worked! I just dragged & dropped a music file from the player to iTunes then opened the files properties & pasted a cover art. Then saw it in the player it was showing it!

Go FIGURE! This damn thing is iTunes dependent! If I needed that I would've gotten a freakin iPod nano.

I know for sure there would be a program for adding album art in ID3 tags.

Anyone have any good suggestions for adding album art programs? Thanks.

FLAC support is pointless. If you put in the same file/album in mp3/FLAC this thing is only shows the MP3 files.

It does play FLAC files though but it didn't play my Linkin Park FLAC files which is at 48 KHz instead off 44 KHz. So it can only play 44 KHz FLAC files.

I don't use AAC but it did play it fine for testing purposes.

Videos XVID/Divx5 upto 640x480 res. & 968 kbps bitrate it plays fine.

But for some reason I tried copy of G.I. Joe obtained through *cough*

Here's the info of that G.I. Joe, rip -

ViDEO:.....: XviD 709 kb/s/2,353 aspect ratio/23,976 frames per sec/ 640x272 res.
AuDIO:.....: Mp3 112 kb/s/2 chnls/CBR/44100 Hz

This can't play this plays but its jittery for some weird reason.

TV-Out worked with some old cables of mine just make sure your TV-out cable has a 3.5mm connector & Your good to go.

But it's pointless, you can't Strech the video to full screen on your TV like you can for the Vision:M

And the player's screen is always on when you've connected it to TV-out, Vision:M used to shut it's screen off.

This will be a classic battery drainer.

TV-Out is also Fail then.

I'll be stopping for now but one quick thing,

If you've used iPhone or iTouch or any other capacitive touchscreen device this thing is not for you.

I don't own any iPod's my brother has a iPhone though I tinker with it occasionally.

The touch-screen on this player is miserable. I know it's resistive but Creative should've supplied a stylus pen I wouldn't mind using it!!!

Anyway the touch-screen has a real big learing curve you have to be very slow while scrolling it's like how you drag n' drop files in windows...have to be precise.

Even when you know you've got a hang off it...after a couple off hours you'll be disappointed again.

But the Touch Screen is not that bad either still you need 2 hands to control this player you can't JUST CAN'T control it with 1 hand or 1 tap, you have to drag n' drop!

If you can do that then great or you'll have to get used to it like me hehe.

One last thing,

When your adding files to the Now Playing list from an album.

In the Vision:M if you selected Track 1 & then Track 4 & then Track 2 for an album.

The Vision:M plays it in the order you selected i.e Track 1, Track 4 & Track 2.

But this thing plays it in Track order instead of selected order, i.e Track 1, Track 2, Track 4.

In short if you select Track 4 before 2 it won't play Track 4 first it'll play Track 2 first!

Wow that's an EPIC FAILURE! It made me wanna throw this thing on the wall! I guess you'll have to make playlists then for your album order but you can't manage to do that on the player.

Yes you can make/delete playlists on the player but it's pointless it'll do the same thing in Track order. That sucks big time!

So my BIG 2 Gripes with this player is that problem & the Album Art problem.

Those 2 are real downers for me. I can get used to the Touch Screen I suppose.

Why Creative didn't make this device a MTP one is beyond me! I mean no one owning a Mac will get this player as far as I know.

This player not being MTP is perhaps the only reason for the Album Art screw up.

The players screen seems to be off glass or very hard plastic. It hasn't scratched it's been in my pocket but the screen is doing great so its the back plate.

All in All, I'm very disappointed in Creative for making such a shoddy product.

I was one of the guys who supported them through the whole Sound Blaster driver fiasco & always had a soft corner for their products but they're treating their consumers like guinea pigs now. I'm afraid I can't take that.

Still I haven't given up on this player, the new firmware puts in a new theme with colored icons & it looks fantastic.

Forgot about the sound quality -

Sound isn't that bassy it's pretty warm with a treble sound.

With X-Fi off, Vision:M beats it in sound quality but by just a slight bit.

With X-Fi on this player sounds FANTASTIC! There's no distortion whatsoever...I Tried even some cheap Sennheiser MX360 ear buds they didn't sound this good!

My X-Fi setting is, Crystalizer 5-10%, Expander 40-45%.

The player is loud enough but with X-Fi off it isn't that loud. Max. vol is off 25.

That's all I can come up with for now.

Thanks for reading, I'll be posting some more views. If y'all have any questions ask away. I'll be glad to help.
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