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Default Problem with Voice recorder

There is a problem with M1 Voice recorder on Firmware 1.05
it record only 5-10 seconds and with many cuts in sound, sounding like played backward

I have now pinpointed the problem to be a Memory issue
i am still doing test but by deactivating all widgets the voice recording was ok

it seem widgets take up a lot of memory and affects voice recorder

Anyway to fix this memory issue without deactivating widgets

Is this a Bug or just how the M1 was made too little memory (or widgets taking up toons of memory)
can firmware upgrade fix memory issue?

Update 2:
The problem is defently Memory related and widget using too much memory
either this is a memory leak bug or is how M1 was made
Widget that use lot of memory is specialy big ones
Voice recorder is useless together with big calender (and then i only had that widget active)
but also having both the musicplayer widget togheter with some other smaler widgets give the problem

This is not good because i realy like using lot of widgets

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