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Default Should i change M1 for P3?

Ok i just got a M1 and like the Screen and how smale the player is
But There something i don't like :

The Usb cable easy pop out of m1 when on table so if i move the player a bit while transfering file i risk the usb cable pop out
the usb cable also seem shorter

Another issue is the memory, having many widgets (or just 1-2 big widgets like calendar big on) make it impossible to voice record without cuts in the recording, Acording samsung is because the memory in M1 is very short
so widgets use lot of memory and not enough for voice recording

Is P3 suffering from the same memory problem ?
or is this because of the AMOLED screen of M1 drags on memory?

And do P3 has longer battery life than M1?

also i see ABI have put P3 as one of the best player of 2009
while there is no meantion on M1

So is P3 realy best should i bother myself to go changed it into a P3?
i only have this option either keep M1 (8gb) or change it into a P3 (8Gb or 16gb)

The only thing i know is best with P3 is the build material and that you can download UCI , I wanted a player with UCI but M1 has no UCI yet
also M1 was more expensive than P3

So what should i do keep my M1 or change for p3?

Btw, Samsung just told me that the speaker on M1 is more powerful than P3
On P3: 0.8 while M1: 1.6
whats shocking is that K5 that has those huge sliding speaker Samsung claims it sound lesser powerful than M1 because K5 only has 1.3

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