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Default Thanks, Amazon. (:

Today, I was showing my parents the EXACT MP3 player I want (32GB Samsung P3, black) because I know (or at least hope) that I'll have it for a couple years and I want it to be, well, the exact one I want. So, I went to and showed them a 32GB black P3, and at the top, under the search bar, I read:
"You purchased this item on Dec 11, 2009."
And then a bunch of other stuff. As far as I know, they don't know that I saw that little part of the page.
So yeah, I'm going to have a pretty good Christmas this year, seeing as this is all I asked for for Christmas. (:

Now, I read a thread called 'Rants' and it kinda scared me. The one guy who posted a picture of his P3's screen that had that white background with a bunch of lines scared me particularly, because this is what's been happening to my 8GB Sansa Fuze and about half of the whole reason why I'm getting a new MP3 player to begin with. So, how often to firmware problems like that occur? Thanks!

And I'm quite happy at the moment. :3
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