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Default Album art in ogg via id3?

Does this work for anybody? Most of my collection is ogg vorbis with id3 tags. I've tried embedding with Audio Shell, Media Monkey, and mp3tag. The art never shows up with any of these methods. Is this just not possible with ogg for some reason?
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what "PC Connection" mode are you using?
Some people reported more success if the P3 was in the "UMS" connection mode
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AFAIK, I fear that there was no standard way to embed images in ogg files. I can't understand why Flac files can have them but not ogg files. As ogg-vorbis is an open format the issue should have been resolved for years. I have read that some software create tags with images converted as text base64 data. But this is probably not understood by any device.
Ask other P3 owners if it supports the MTP album object and representative samples or the folder.jpg/cover.png directory file.
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I'd be very surprised if the P3 read ID3 tags on ogg files. The support the P3 provides for Ogg is VorbisTAG just like for Flac it's FlacTAG, which is based on the vorbistag.

I've been surprised to hear that some flac files work with ID3 tags on the P3. It's not a supported format. It's a forced tag onto the Flac file so can have issues.

Just as your ID3 tags on your Ogg files is a forced mode. These may cause the P3 some coniption fits.
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