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Default YP-U5, Album Art for FLAC files?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to get album art to show up for FLAC files on U5. I have them showing up on Winamp and Mediamonkey but not on the player. Any special settings or anything? I have got the 1.51 firmware and 4gb version of the U5. Thanks!!
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Silly question perhaps, but why would you load FLAC files on a 4GB stick player? Samsungs sound good with well-encoded lossy files, and that would not only save space but battery life too.
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well, I am more of a quality person rather than quantity. Before buying this I was using an Iriver IMP-550 CD player with Audio CDs. And those would take 20 songs at most. Now I can put about 200 CD quality songs in a much smaller package, so it's a big improvement for me
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