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Angry Ripping, converting and transferring dvds/videos

I'm not uber technical so please bear that in mind if you can help me!

I have just got a new zen x-fi2 and, while I'm loving it, I can't work out how to transfer dvds onto it. I'm using Creative Centrale to rip dvds and then it's supposed to convert them for you isn't it? When I did this the 30 minute videos that I'd transferred over were only 10 minutes long on the x-fi2. I've tried several times but it still does this, and it takes forever, what am I doing wrong? It must be me, right?

Thanks all.
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I don't have any working knowledge of Centrale, so I am probably missing something obvious. However, given my experience with Creative's older software suites, this problem sounds vaguely familiar. Ripping DVD's with Creative's software has always been a bit of a crap-shoot, and you are better off with software designed for the task. It gets even dicier with commercial DVD's, because nearly all of them are encrypted.

I can't give you any specific advice because I am not familiar enough with the X-Fi2 or with Creative Centrale. However, you can probably find a lot of good, helpful information by browsing the Video Conversion subforum within the Vision:M forum.

Best of luck to you and welcome to ABi!
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I had the same problem until I found this post on the Creative forums:

You need HandBrake 0.9.3 : (the newest version of handbrake will not encode into .AVI)

You also need the XVID codec:

Make sure you install the Xvid codec first, then install Handbrake. The settings I use are:

Picture Settings
Crop: Automatic
Width/Height: for most movies 480x272, for normal TV, use 640x480
Anamorphic: for most movies and TV use None - for widescreen Anamorphic:Strict

Format: AVI File
Video Codec: MPEG-4 (Xvid)
Framerate : same as source (or you could experiment)
Avg Bitrate: 600

Track:usually first English audio track
Codec: MP3
Mixdown: Stereo
Samplerate: 44.1
Bitrate: 128

Sometimes you might need to do a test of the first 2% to be sure. For example, I encoded a movie (1.78:1) as strict, and the X-Fi2 didn't even recognize it, so I just changed it to 480x272, and it worked. But strict is really good for widescreen (2.35:1).

I'd say this works about 80% of the time.
Good luck and let me know if anything is not clear.
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DVD Decrypter + any video conversion software (cu-cusoft, Super) would be my pick.

DVD Decrypter + SUPER would be perfect for free.

Handbrake is also very nice as mentioned above.
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