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Default Macintosh Compatibility?

My Creative Zen 4 GB recently broke (back button stopped working), so I've been thinking about upgrading to the Zen X-Fi2, at least, until the consumer version of the Zii comes out. (I hope it does) I have a Mac, so obviously, I have people telling me to just get an iPod, but I listened to one and almost died. The sound quality was not to my liking, to put it nicely.

Does anyone know if the X-Fi2 works on a Mac? I know that Creative players have mostly been MTP, and my last Zen was. (I had XNJB for Mac compatibility) Creative's page

says that Mac users can just drag and drop using the MSC capability. (Go to product info/the sound of perfection) Is this true? Has anyone tried it? I've looked in forums and I can't find anything regarding it. Also, what is the artwork resolution? Does it still accept 500x500 as album artwork? The 16 GB is selling for $120 on Amazon, and comes with the EP-630s, so I want to get it. (What's with the 1-2 MONTH ship out schedule, though?!) And I've been hearing about random shutoffs and stuff, although I never had WSOD problems or anything with my old Zen...Maybe I'll get lucky.
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