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You're assuming that they are going to charge for them. When the SDK is released there will be more "life" showing. We'll see what kind of limitations will be done.
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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
$100,000 question

when all of these wonderful apps are completed, how & where is Creative going to make them available to us?

I've seen no signs of a Creative app store on their website or in the near future....

heck, I have yet to see signs of real life out of the Creative tech support group.

i got an email back from tech support, so i guess they actually do exist.

i dont think that creative would try and sell those little apps, they normally come free with the firmware. cl will have a hard enough time selling the xfi2 as it is.

apple is more the company that will try to sell you free things for money.
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okay, so the apps will be free...

BTW.. there are also free apps available at various Apple app "stores"

Does Creative have any plans for a centralized location for these free apps??

or will they be scattered across the internet?
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I would appreciate such a central place, although it would take the control from us about our apps and whether they're spreaded - or not.
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you're looking at the current repository for 3rd party xfi2 apps....this forum.
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Can someone upload these videos to YouTube or some other similar website? Thanks a bunch
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