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Default How to prevent M1 damage

I think is not even nesesary to meantion avoid scratching the screen by putting player in same pocket as screen, running with the player as you can easy drop it .... as always put in pocket when you are not sitting or standing quietly and are not busy with other things.

anyway with M1 i think this other advice
can be useful because how M1 is buildt:

1. When conecting M1 to the Pc (specialy if is vista) Conect the Usb cable to the M1 first
double-check is conected good then conect the other end to the Pc
(the reason is the M1 cable is short and has a too smale conection making it easy popout if cable popout you may end up formating M1, but if you conect cable to player first you make sure is good conected before conecting the other end to usb)

2. When the M1 is conected to the Pc Don't Move the player , this is to avoid cable popping out , M1 disconect while transfeer and you have to format player (This cable is too tiny and too short can easy pop out atleast for me)

3. When you conect M1 and M1 show up on PC don't click on M1 folder to acess it imediately, wait 15-20 seconds.
I found that when filling up the M1 with many songs it takes a bit slower to acess it on Pc vista (atleast on mine)
if you click M1 folder right away it can Freeze M1 and you have to disconect and format it
(This problem maybe has been fixed on Firmware 1.19 i am not sure yet all previous firmware had this problem)
This problem could also be Firewall related (but no other player had this problem, maybe is memory issue on pc, so i am not sure)

Remember M1 showing up on your Pc .. wait 20 seconds then click it
my advice

4. when disconecting the player first plug it out from PC, Then plug it carefully from the Player
Now M1 will update datebase so hold player quietly until it has updated and shut down

Samsung should make a program that backup you database incase database get corrupted
only solution is formating (on ipod touch you conect to Ipod with a program and just backup to your pc a smale database file if database get corrupted on ipod touch (your songs is on itouch but you can't acess them) you dont have to restore (in itunes) just put back the database file that you backed up)

Hope this advices are useful for some
atleast they are for me on my pc

Probaly, after a clean install on windows M1 would probaly work much faster and many of this advices may not need to be applied.

Any other advice please contribuite

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