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Default zune installation failure

i recently bought a portable hard drive (seagate freeagent) to store all my files on to free up some space on my desktop (running windows xp home sp3). i transferred my files, including zune software, to the drive and had everything set up right. found out the drive letter assigned to the drive was conflicting with some other drive so i changed it and reset the settings in the zune software. still running good and playing. anyways...
everything was great until i went to use some of my credits on zunepass. when i tried to purchase the songs, it kept telling me that i couldn't purchase them. and i waited until the night they expired so i was kinda frustrated. it wasn't until the next day that i found out i have a real problem. i opened zune and got an error message - c1010003 - i know that's right but can't remember the rest. i browsed through the forums for a while and found something about drm rights so i followed that. i reset my drm through the microsoft site and thought that would work (figured that was why i couldn't download the songs). it didn't. still got the same error message. then i had a brilliant idea...
'why not reinstall zune? or maybe just run the installer and repair the files?'. for whatever reason, there was no uninstaller anywhere. so i just manually deleted the zune software files.
bad, bad idea. i downloaded zune again and went to install it. now it just checks for updates and says i already have the software installed. there is no way that's possible (i even went through the registry). i've searched and read through everything i can find. even unzoone doesn't help...
so down to a basic question: is there any possible way to get zune installed on my computer again??? ...or did i really screw it up?
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