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Default Movies only play for about 15 minutes

I have converted videos for the S Series (S545)no problem - however, they only play for about 12 minutes (full films). Then the sound continues, whilst the video crashes, until about 15 minutes when the sound stops as well.. Is there a simple fix for this, or do i need to re-do the conversion - i assume its something with the player, as its all movies Ive tried..

Is there a setting I've missed??

Any help?!


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I too have had the same problem. After looking over other parts of the forum and finding the godlike Handbrake (was having major issues converting).

However, this only happens to one of my movies, and only during a specific part of the movie. I dunno if it's the high intensity scenes of the video overtaxing the CPU or what, but i get the video lag/audio continue issue after about 15 minutes as well. At one point the player will just crash completely.

Glad i'm not the only one having this problem.

However, it seems as this only happens to one of my movies. I dunno as to whether i encoded it wrong or what, but I thought I did the same encoding process with Handbrake, yet one of my files seems to have vastly better clarity of picture and sound than the other, and the lower quality video is the one having the issues.

EDIT : Redid the conversion a few times with different settings on HB, same crappy quality, same problem though. =/
Settings were the MPEG video encoder, picture was 320x240 with No Aspect Ratio. The quality was all blocky and whatnot.

What settings did you use?

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I think I too am having the same problem... I will watch a movie for about 10 or 15 minutes before it starts lagging... I have tried to just skip through it, but it crashed a couple of times...

Hopefully, we can find a fix for it...

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Well i had the same problem with my s543 but setting 25 fps in the transcoder (handbrake etc) fixed that for me..
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