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Default USB problem with car audio

I have a Samsung P3 for 2 months and I am very happy with it (after a P2). The only problem I have with this player is that when I plug it to the USB of the Pionneer AVH4100 car works randomly!!
Once over 10 it works because most of the time it displays ''USB connected'' but no multimedia exchange
Why the P3 doesn't see all the time the USB of the Pioneer as a multimedia device and see it instead as a battery recharge device????
Please help!

NB: With my ex-P2 I never had this problem
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Not sure... When I use my P3 in the car, I use a tape adapter. Then again, I have a fairly old car.
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You need to change the USB settings (go to the Settings area) and there are only two choices. Whatever is selected now, switch to the other one.

Had the same problem with my Sony unit - once I made the switch, all was well.

Don't forget: your head unit (your Pioneer) need time to read the entire library of mucsic so I can take some time to be playable.


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Thank you!
I found a solution (not perfect though):
-Turn on the Pioneer
-Set the source to anything but ipod(lol but yeah it's the same menu for USB mp3 and Ipod)
-Connect physically the P3
-Choose the USB/ipod menu
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Wait a minute, time out... ! ? You can use the P3 almost like it is a thumb / travel drive in your car stereo?

Do you use the charging cord and plug it into the usb port of your car stereo?

Will the deck charge the P3 then?

Can you change songs and see artwork on the P3 or does the car stereo basically control all music functions?

Can you still use the DNSE eq options?

This is interesting as I am thinking of upgrading my car stereo soon for usb, aux input and bluetooth connectivity.
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