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Default FLAC questions on a X5V

I've been fiddeling around with different audio formats the last couple of weeks and now am thinking of playing around with FLAC.

A couple questions.

How is the power consumption using flac?
I have just under 100 cds (averaging about 45 minutes), would I be able to get them all onto a 20 Gb player?
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FLAC takes some more juice than MP3/Ogg, but it shouldn't be draining the power too heavy. It's an asymmetrical codec - it takes more power to encode than to decode.

As for the size - FLAC at Q5 upwards takes about 2/3 the space of uncompressed WAV. So if one 45 minute CD is ~450MB, then the FLAC files would be ~300MB. So a (very) raw estimate for 100 CDs would be ~30-35GB.
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