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Old 01-30-2010, 10:29 AM
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Default Asked for a V1, got a V2. Should I keep it or should I insist for a V1?

Hi to everybody!
I bought a Fuze. I am quite happy with it. But I had asked for a V1 because of Rockbox support and few things more I had read on forums and which made me think that V2 was not as good as V1.
Seller told me he had a V1, but he gave me a V2 (I realized at home).
He now says they may have a V1 in stock, so, I can chose, and I need your help to do it well.
My simple question is: why should I prefer V2 and why V1?
In what is better the V1 over the V2, and in what the V2 over the V1?
I cannot believe they are the same exact sounding and overall quality and everything else, as they have different hardware, something must have changed.
Someone here told that V2 is more bassy. Mine has got indeed lot of basses. He also said battery life is better on V2, good.
And he said that the older V1 may clip. Bad. Especially because I have no idea how to know which kind of V1 I will get. How can I know it?
I do not know what could I gain with Rockbox in SQ. Maybe some good EQ settings?
In V2 I have to switch all the time between Normal and Jazz, the first is warm and vibrant but "closed", the second is bright and open but sometimes too "cold".
Does V1 (with or without Rockbox) have a solution to this?
Well, all what you can tell me in order to help me taking the better decision for my needs, I would appreciate it! I will keep this and only this player until it breaks or someone stoles it: I am planning a long term trip around the world as a backpacker, mostly third world, so I will not have money and opportunities to get another player.
I need to choose now the most reliable and better sonding and complete one.

edit: I must add that I have a Kingston 8gb microsdhc. I do not remember well, but somewhere I think I've read that Fuze V1 does not support 8gb cards unless rockboxed?

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