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Default Looking for an app

hey all
i am new here,just got a spinn and it is super cool. i have been searching for something very particular and i am hoping someone here can help me out. i am looking for a czech to english dictionary or something like that, but somewhat easily searchable. i now live in the czech republic and it would be sweet to have a dictionary on my spinn instead of lugging around an actual dictionary. i have found a few java based apps but i cant seem to find a flash lite version. does anyone know how it could be made or if it is even possible? thanks in advance for any advise.
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SPINN made by iRiver, a Korean company. Chance aren't good of finding one for Czech to English or English to Czech. You'll have better luck finding a standalone translator device. You might try

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ah, thanks for the input. i was thinking that since there are so many different free programs out there there might be someway to modify 1 to run on flash, or maybe a way to convert 1 of the ones for symbian os or palm os or something to flash...i guess there is no way to do that? i dont know flash at all so i am just asking. i remember seeing an english to russian app for an iriver mp3player that someone (i thought) on this forum created...but alas i cannot find it anymore. if anyone has an idea i would be most grateful thanks!
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