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Default Thoughts on S545 from a new user

Just got my S545 through a good sale deal. I am coming from a Rio Carbon I bought refurbished a good 4-5 years ago. It has served me well but started to lock up fairly regularly.

A couple things I am not crazy about with the S545 so far, maybe others have some suggestions or workarounds?

1) No "bookmark" feature. My old Rio had this and I just assumed most newer players would as well. Especially useful for audiobooks. In the Rio it would save your spot in the current file as well as the full playlist - so if you were at 1:01 of chapter 2 out of 20, it would save the entire thing so you could pick up where you left off. No bookmarks at all in the S545, and from what I have read, very few other players out have this feature either. Seems like it would be easy to implement, guess not many people care about it.

2) This thing seems S-L-O-W at transferring files. About 2.5 hours to transfer 14 gigs of music? I can transfer 16 gigs to an external USB hard drive in 15-20 minutes. Am I doing something wrong? Have tried it through both Windows Explorer and MediaMonkey sync, and it takes forever.

3) Proprietary WMPORT connector. Didn't realize until after the purchase that the E-series has a standard mini-USB or I probably would have gotten that. One more cable to keep track of.

4) Speakers on the back. I assumed the holes on the front were for the speakers. Seems odd that you have to lay the player face down to get the best sound.

5) Doesn't show up with a drive letter in Explorer. In both Win XP and 7, I can access the S545 through Explorer but it doesn't get assigned a drive letter. Not a huge deal, but I use a file copy program (TeraCopy) that allows pause/resume during file copies, and for whatever reason, it doesn't work with the S545 - presumably because it doesn't have a drive letter.

So far #2 is the biggest issue. I can live with the others, especially since I am coming from an old player with no color screen, no FM, no video, etc.... those are just added features for me that I might use once in a while, but not often.

I noticed my player has a PICTURE and PICTURES folder as well as DCIM (which is usually a digital camera format). Seems like there are several folders that aren't needed by default.

Last question - anyone using the Zagg InvisibleShield for their S-series? I am considering it - $15 for just screen protection, $25 for the whole unit.

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