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Default from rhapsody to zune

Anyone change from rhapsody to zune? How is zune compared to it? Hows the selection? I havent used zune marketplace yet. What i foresee my biggest gripe would be the "points" but i plan on buying any music i cant find on zune on amazon. What u guys think? I am just never happy being restricted to one peice of software, especially one that is so umm eye candyish but hey, its quick, rather impressed me.

The other thing that worries me (clearly im planning on buying a zune) is how dark it is, ya it saves battery life being black background but i am big on customization. Whats your guys's thoughts?
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Originally Posted by arktik View Post
...but i am big on customization. Whats your guys's thoughts?
I'm neither a Rhapsody nor a Zune Pass user, so I can't give you any insights there...but the statement quoted above raised a bit of red flag for me, considering customization is not something the Zune really allows in any form. The Zune philosophy is much more of the dumbed-down "it just works (so you don't need options)" sort.
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^ pretty much agree.

I've never used Rhapsody but I've heard a few people say they have a slightly better selection but it seems that depends on what kind of music you're looking for. I suggest just browsing the Marketplace yourself to see what you think.
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