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Default DNSE 3.0 Problem

Ok, I don't have a YP-P3 but I have a YP-R1 and they both use DNSE 3.0, and I thought I would post here since the yp-r1 forum is dead, and it take's about a day or 2 to get a response.

On topic, this player sounds amazing but I have one problem that's been bugging me a lot. It's hard to describe but there is a slurping type affect from the singing when I'm listening to songs, and it is very harsh sounding. I have tweaked the setting a lot but it still occurs on most of my tracks. I have had issue's with my YP-R1 and this is my third one and the other players had the same problem, so it's not a fault in my player.

So since the YP-P3 has the same sound chip, I was wondering has anyone else here noticed a problem like this?

Thanks in advance
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