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Default Strange Sound Issues

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to be a typical "I have a problem" first time poster but my 60GB Vision M has been so reliable I've never had to look anything up about it before!

So to tell the story... My Zen was working fine, then one morning I turned it on and the sound was coming through the headphones distorted. To be more specific the songs suddenly sounded like they were of a really poor digital quality or it was like listening to it underwater. This happens with several different sets of working headphones.

I also started having problems with the Zen turning itself off and on or switching to radio with out me touching any buttons, at the same time.

I have just realised while trying to sort the problem out that it is in fact the removal and plugging in of headphones that is causing the random problems as well ie If I plug in/unplug the headphones it switches to radio mode or turns itself off.

The Zen connects to my computer fine and transfers work as normal. I have tried disk clean up and this has had no effect.

What I have also just tried is playing music through my TV using the AV out cable and the music is playing fine on there and there are no 'jumping to radio problems. I am now guessing that there is some kind of short somewhere.

I've had a good look though this forum and can't see any relevant posts. Unless anyone has any other options I think I am going to have to open the Zen up. What should I look for that might be causing this and does anybody have any idea how to sort this problem out?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, sorry if it is a long post but I wanted to give you all the facts about the problem and what I have tried to fix it.

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