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Default Theme customisation help

I've been working on a custom theme for my SPINN the last few days and I've encountered some problems on the way. Hopefully someone here knows how to solve them.

1. I've been able to change the text colours in most places, but not within the MUSIC menu (with the exception of submenus which displays the song titles). Where in the flash file (used the same template file as everyone else here) do I change this?

2. When managing to change colour of the song title lists, the ability to click the titles on the screen was lost. This problem also appears in the settings menu.

3. What layer do I put the default album cover picture? As it is now, it appears in front of the song's album cover when in large mode, and behind the song's album cover when in small mode.

If anyone wants to try the work in progress. The file is attached below.
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i really like the tab back icon in the upper corner and the larger scroll bar on the side. and the large main menu icons. i like this theme but i have a few problems. i am using fw 2.32 and the album art is covered by the stack of cds when it is in large mode. i loose the play all button (or i cannot find it) in he main music menu. i also have a problem seeing the menu choices when the text is black/grey like that. i have a darker wallpaper that i like better which is why i cannot see the dark text. other than that i love it. also the main menu has all of the icons i the bold large face font except for the DMB icon.
is there any way you can do a bit of customization to change it for me?
keep up the good work, let me know
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is there a way to get the wallpaper to be just plain black for reading text docs? it is quite hard to see the text witht the colorful background you have. thanks
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