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Default Headphone Detection problem

Okay, just wondering if anyone has had the same problem. Whenever I start my X-Fi2 up, it automatically goes into speaker mode. I just thought it was a quirk until yesterday when I was twisting the headphones around. Usually, I have to turn the speaker off, so the volume icon in the top right is a speaker without any bars. But when I was twisting the headphones, it changed for a second into a headphones icon. I found out that the radio only works when the headphones icon is active, as, even if you turn the speaker off (so that the icon is a speaker with no bars), the player doesn't seem to recognize the headphones, and will not allow the radio to function.

It's not a headphone jack problem, as music output works fine for normal music. It seems to be that the X-Fi2 isn't recognizing that I have headphones in, so it will not let me use the radio. It's weird. I know I'm not explaining it very clearly, but if anyone can help?

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if I am not mistaken, the radio will only work with the headphones connected... something in the literature says that the headphones act as an antenna.

so your movement of the connector may simply be causing the radio to stop and start working.

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@flashpoint 1230: Have you contacted Creative about this? Also, are the headphones pushed all the way in? and have you tried a different pair of headphones?
If you have a question, please ask. I am more than happy to help.

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Well, it seems to have problems detecting that headphones are in in the first place. I have to turn the speaker off manually before music will come out through the headphones. And it seems that even if you turn the speaker off, while the audio output will switch to the headphone jack, the indicator in the top right corner will not, and, as such, it will not register that headphones are plugged in. (Which only affects the radio)

I have tried different sets of headphones, all with the same result. I contacted Creative, and they said to reload the firmware, which I will do just as soon as I can get near to a PC running the Windows operating system. (Dumb Macs won't read .exe files...)

I just wanted to know if a it was a problem with an easy fix (ie. resetting the player) or if it required a firmware reload. (Which it appears to need, i guess)
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