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Default same album name different artist

I've searched the forums and I have not found an answer to this so perhaps someone will know. I have two albums. One is Scarecrow from Garth Brooks. The other is Scarecrow from John Mellencamp. When I look at the P3 through windows explorer P3--> music --> artist name etc, I see Garth Brooks directory and album scarecrow. I see John Mellencamp (JM) and the album scarecrow. When I run my P3, it shows Garth Brooks (GB) scarecrow but no JM scarecrow. When I play GB scarecrow I get the first GB song and the second song is from JM! What is interesting is the album art is unique for each album. I used WMP for the rip. So, has anyone seen this and if so, how do you fix it? I was thinking I needed to give it a different name. Not a big deal but it is disappointing that my old giga beat didn't have this problem. Odd how a newer, better application seems to miss some points. It is as if they are 80% there on the software but they are no longer upgrading the firmware.

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