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Thumb Up S736 Noise Cancellation works fine!

I was starting to look for a new mp3-player as a replacement for my iPod nano (which still works, but I just don't like the iHype, and the flywheel navigation doesn't convince me either.). Traveling a lot, I also had in mind to get some noise reduction headset anyways, so I started to google around - and found out that Sony offered just what I need. Or so I believed, for a while. But to my dismay, in the US, only the new X-series is offered, which I checked out at a Sony Style store. It looks nice, but the touchscreen navigation is, well, useless for my purposes, and even the guys at the store didn't hold back on their opinion about the inbuilt browser. Still, I almost bought it, but just went home in order to check out the internet to find one of the S-series players, that I had read about, somewhere.

I didn't see the S745 on the Canadian Sony Style page then, but finally found the 4GB version S736 at just 99 USD in ebay. Maybe not the worlds greates bargain for a 2008 release mp3-device with just 4GB memory, but... I am happy! My Laptop is allways at hand anyways, so I don't mind to update the music library if needed.

Now I tested it on a suburban train, and noise cancellation is excellent. It doesn't shut out everything, but there is a tremendous difference. All the rattling and noise of air rushing by is gone, and for the first time in life I was able to really hear Pink Floyd while riding on a train!
In quiet moments, some artefacts, slight white noise or a crackle, barily audible, can be heard, but I read that is common on noise cancellation devices.

About operation / navigation: This will always be a matter of taste. I like the push buttons better than iPod's flywheel, though that enables very fast navigation. But try to use it blindly, with the player in Your pocket. Well, I guess I won't have to convince anyone here not to get some iCrap.

Drag and Drop even from iTunes works well. But I might discontinue to use iTunes anyways now.

All in all, if You are lucky to get such a player (the S745, or even a S738, still available in Germany's Sony Style store, albeit at a high price), it might be an alternative worth to consider.

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