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Default Tagging for Classical Music

Hi - I'm now getting familiar with my new P3 and, as I suspected, I am hitting restrictions with the tags on my classical music files which are about 90% of my collection.

File Browser is OK but, obviously, slow to get to a particular work. Genre is the next level but the P3 is programmed to go Genre > Artist > Album > Song, where I need it to be Genre > Composer > Work (album title) > Song. Is there an option anywhere to change this preset sequencing and still keep Artist information for other uses??

(The files are Flac and, because I use Foobar the tags are basic Flac tags not forced ID3 tags; also, I am using UMS.)

Also, given that classical music album names tend to be long, is it possible to use the display in landscape mode?? (I think this is possible for pictures and video.)

Thanks in advance for help - Roy

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This is a problem for classical. Most player's I've seen don't allow you to access your files by composer. The only true way to address this is finding a player that allows you to access your files this way. Another incomplete way to do something similiar is alter your tags. No landscape.
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Genre > Artist > Album > Song
Genre > Composer > Work (album title) > Song
It's essentially the same flowchart, you just need to think a little differently heh...
As for song titles, you can hold down your finger on the track and it will slide... Unfortunately, there is no way to display them in landscape..
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