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Default P3 USB Cord problems?


I am just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with their cord. specifically when it is insterted into the p3.

Recently, i plugged my p3 in to my computer and it wouldnt connect properly. i searched the forum here and found a few solutions, tried them all and none worked.

I started playing around and found that i have to kind of wiggle the cord downward into my p3, and hold it there while it is connected in order for it to work properly.

so, does anyone have any input on this, i dont know if it is the cord, or the input jack on the p3.... hoping its the cord...

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What exactly happens?

For me, if I plug it in sometimes nothing happens on the PC, Windows 7 does not recognise the device as connected but the device says USB connected and it does charge.

If I unplug the cable and then reconnect it once maybe twice it then gets detected by the PC. I dunno what the problem is!
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I have had problems as well.

Causes: use of non-Samsung cord, use of a silicone cover.
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its like the computer cant completely read the p3. There seems to be some reason that the usb cord wont connect at full. Sometimes i connect it and it transfers files at like 1/4 the speed it should.

im using the cord that it came with, but i have to almost push the plug downward into the p3 to make it work properly

Its like the jack in the p3 is a little bit skewed or something..i dunno, maybe someone with some hardware knowledge will know...
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Yeah, I have that same problem!! I have to place something on the USB cord itself for it to fully connect and my computer to reconize it. I hope it's the cord and not the player..
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