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Default buy a Zen or a Xen X-fi?

I've gone and broken the screeen of my lovely Zen 8gb and now discover that it is either impossible or prohibitively expensive to replace it. So I am faced with replacing my Zen which is only just over a year old. I've been very happy with it - especially as it plays most things thrown at it and it also acts as an excellent voice recorder and I've have used it to record research interviews I've conducted. I've also been using it to watch TV programmes downloaded from BBC iPlayer, which is great for my regular train journeys.

So, now I want to replace it but am wondering whether to replace it with the same thing or with the Zen X-Fi? I don't want a Zen MX or a X-Fi 2 as neither of them support iplayer downloads properly. The prices I have seen don't show much difference between the Zen and the Zen X-Fi, so would anyone like to enlighten me as to whether I should stick to what I had or get myself a X-Fi?

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Samsung or Sonys also support iPlayer wmvs. I wouldn't get a Creative - they're not the players they used to be.
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Originally Posted by Dreamnine View Post
I wouldn't get a Creative - they're not the players they used to be.
Agreed. They clearly decided at some point to become a low-end company.

I'll never say a word against my late great Vision:M, though.
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1 vote for Zen X-fi. X-fi tech is good, but if u listen the 1st time. It is difficult to hear, lik break glass. The long time u hear the good sound u can hear,
In fact, keys of Zen x-fi not good.
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