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Default Can't eject USB device on Windows 7

Those with Windows 7. When you disconnect your player, are you ejecting it first? I didn't know that Windows 7 recommended this so I would simply unplug the player from the USB cable. However, my laptop seems to take a good 3-5 minutes of loading to be of use again. The mouse will work but it's loading so I can't do anything. This only happens when I disconnect my ZVM.

So I read about the ejecting procedure but there's nothing to click on at the bottom right task bar to give the command to eject. Nor at the bottom left where you can browse the ZVM through Windows. I also checked in the My Computer screen and right clicked the ZVM shortcut with no option available.

Ideas? Firmware?
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Isn't the ZVM an MTP device? If so, you shouldn't need to safely eject. If not, then you could look here.....[2]=Hardware%20and%20Drivers
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Can you fix the link or tell me what to search for. Thanks
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I have found that there is no need to eject the ZVM when using Windows 7--all I have to do is physically disconnect. There does not seem to be any problem with reconnecting either. Are you enabling your ZVM as a removable drive? I wonder if that might make it necessary to eject.
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If connecting the player in "Removable Drive Mode" then you would need to safely eject. When it is connected in that mode Windows gives it a drive letter so you know which drive to safely remove.
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I recently got a netbook with windows 7 home premium x64 and have had no problems connecting or disconnecting my ZVM. I make sure they double arrow on the Zen isn't moving (with indicates data transfer) and I simply unplug the cable.
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