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Default Add songs to playlist using X-Fi2... How?

I have a new X-Fi2 and trying to learn about it and get things up and running. Have a few questions and haven't been able to find the answers... any help would be appreciated.

1. When a song is playing, you can choose "save as playlist" and give it a name, but I don't see how to add more songs to this playlist. When another song is playing, I expected to see a menu item similar to "add to playlist" but it's not there.. could someone please help me out?

2. Is there a way to manipulate the tag information the X-Fi2 lets you choose from? My MP3 tagging program lets me put in more info than I'm seeing on the player, for instance, year. Can I play songs from just 2005? I only see Albums, Artists, Genres, and All Tracks to choose from.

3. My previous player let me play folders and this one apparently does not. I was freaking, but I don't use the 'albums' field so I set it to correspond to folders. For the Rock folder I set all the songs album field to "Rock Folder", songs in Alternative folder has album field set to "Alternative Folder", etc. and it seems to be working fine. Otherwise I don't see a way to shuffle and listen to all the songs in a certain genre (which I have grouped in folders on the PC). Is there a better way? or am I missing something?

Thank You!
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