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Default A few queries on the P3

Basically, my Zen Vision M has just died and I'm looking for a replacement. The P3 is favourite so far, but I have a few queries before I part with any cash:

1) Does the P3 have a maximum number of files? (I've just seen that the Cowon S9 has a max of 8000 music files which is a complete dealbreaker for me).

2) Does the P3 have anything similar to the Zen's Album of the Day function? (For those that haven't used one, it just picks a random album and plays it from one button press).

3) Does anyone find the headphone jack being at the bottom to be annoying or a problem? The Zen's is at the top right of the player and it seems really odd to me to have it on the bottom.

4) How good is the touchscreen? I've seen some reviews saying it's ok and some saying it's a problem, but what's it like with the latest firmware etc?

Thanks in advance.
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1) I very much doubt it, just a capacity limit. But I'm not sure. I've never heard of this one though... *scratches head*

2) No.

3) I prefer it at the bottom, personally. It's easier to put in your pocket when you're done with it.

4) I've certainly had no problems. Only problems arise when you're looking at it from an angle, in which case you might misjudge what you press. Otherwise, no, no problems.
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You can obly have 2000 files in ONE folder....and you can have max. 1000 folders...
i think ;D

The touchscreen is good but no multitiouchscreen....
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