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Default Tech Support EPIC FAIL

I'm having some issues with my P3, and tried to talk to Samsung tech support. They told me to throw it away and then killed the connection. If you're interested, the whole conversation can be found here. It's pretty funny, actually.

So I'm hoping you guys can help me out a wee bit more. Here's the dealy-o.

Got it a month ago, everything is fine. Updated the firmware to the newest one listed here (or the newest one listed on these forums a month ago, anyway). I'm using Win 7 32 bit.

Yesterday I tried to transfer some text files, mostly to see what it would do with them, if it could open them, etc. I transferred the same file in the following formats: .pdf .doc .lit .fb2 .rtf .rb. I did not use Emodio.

After the transfer completed, I unplugged the P3, which updated the library and shut down (as usual). I powered it on and discovered that every file and folder lost it's name. As in, instead of a name, it is a blank line. Picture can be found here.

Restarting it did nothing, nor did using the reset button (as per tech support instructions). Plugging it back into the computer, Windows shows there are several GBs on the player, but when you open it, I get eleven folders, all called Local Disk, which cannot be opened and are listed as zero bytes. Picture here.

Songs and such still play fine, though they have lost their descriptions, attached album information, etc. And being unnamed, it's kinda hard to find anything...

I would be ecstatic if someone knows how to restore the names and let my computer again access the device. If not, then I need to know how to reset the file structure and start over. I imagine the "Default Set" listed under Settings -> System might do the trick, but I don't know if this will restore the file structure or not... any ideas?

Also, if I format the device, will that restore the original structure? And what about the problem accessing things from the computer?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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