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Default Alarm Volume and Emodio

Another relatively new user here, I just have a couple of questions. Is the volume of the alarm clock controlled by the volume of the player itself, or can it not be changed? Also, is there any shred of a reason to keep the Emodio software? From what I can tell from reading through these forums, it's just useless software, but I want to be sure I'll never need to use it before I get rid of it.

P.S. The P3 is easily the best player I've had (I've had plenty, I'm just coming down from my first foray into Apple products), it's absolutely fantastic.
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I don't think the alarm volume can be changed if it's sounding from standby, but I'm sure it'll conform to the volume setting if it's not on standby. And yeah, Emodio is pretty much useless, I've been able to customize my P3 and add Datacasts and everything without the need for the software.
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Default Thanks

That's about what I thought about Emodio, and my alarm woke me up this morning on standard volume anyway, so problems solved.
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