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Default Player with Mp3 Alarm Function and Videos

I'd like to get a new alarm clock, and I'm hoping someone here can suggest one based on what I'm looking for (if it exists).

I'm looking for a kind of all in one media player that can, above all, play Mp3's as an alarm. This isn't open to Mp3 players only, but rather anything that will do the job.

It HAS to be able to run off a wall mounted adaptor, although portability would be a great bonus.
It HAS to have a decent display for a "clock" mode, no tiny numbers.
It HAS to have an alarm function.
It HAS to have the ability to play Mp3's for the alarm sound.

Being able to play videos or slideshow photos would be a great bonus as well.

In short, I'd like something almost exactly like this: Philips AJL308

Except I can't get a clear answer anywhere as to whether or not it can play Mp3's for the alarm sound (most places list radio, buzzer, or "nature sounds").

It would be great to get something that I could play a movie or some music to fall asleep to that maybe has a sleep or auto-off function (so the music doesn't play all night), has reasonably sized digits that I can see if I'm half-asleep, and the ability to play music when I wake up. And is powered via wall outlet. It's just hard to find that in exactly the right configuration without getting an IPod. And it goes without saying, price is a factor.

Any suggestions?


PS. If anybody has experience with the Philips ajl308 and can tell me if it can 100% play user uploaded MP3's for an alarm sound that would be awesome.
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I hate to say it, but all I can think of is an ipod with an ihome. There's one that let's you do this, I know. The zhd might do something similar.
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I thhink you need to do some research of your own. I punched "mp3 alarm clock" into Yahoo search, and there seemed to be a few that came up. I looked closely at Most were from iHome, but a couple from Timex. I looked specifically at There is a link to the Product Manual. You can wake to mp3/wma (SD card or USB flash drive).

I'm sure that there must be others.

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Since you asked...

Non MP3 Player solution:

Any fairly recent Blackberry device will satisfy nearly all of your criteria - my trusty Curve has served as one of my alarm clocks for years.

As for a prominent clock display, I am sure there are 3rd party apps that will do the trick on Blackberry devices.

Blackberry devices:
-view pictures = yes
-view videos = sort of, but finicky
-mp3 player = yes
-mp3 alarm sounds = yes
-portable = yes
-wall chargable = yes
-large clock display = probably

Bonus functions:
-surfing/web browsing
-cell phone
-ebook/text reader
-digital camera [only fair to decent]
-voice recording
-Texas Hold 'em and tons of other fun, time-wasting games
-storage expandability via MicroSD cards
-simple interface to Win PCs

Good luck!
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The Cowon S9 has an alarm function in settings. It doesn't have it's own speaker, but plugged into a small set of portable ones would work. It will wake you up with MP3 play, FM play, or an FM recording (I think?). Bad: No big clock display.

The Samsung P3 has an alarm app, but it all it will play on alarm is preset sounds.

The Creative X-Fi2 has a nice alarm function that leaves the time/date/day on the screen and give you a choice of audio to wake up to. It has it's own speaker, and can be left plugged into a wall USB charger.

The older Zen has the same capability.

I'm sure there are others, but I'll have to check my collection.

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Actually, there is a clock app for the S9...and you can boot into it, but it has its downsides. If you want details, I can tell you how to do it and you can see if you want to go to the trouble.
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