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Originally Posted by Tetrajak View Post
Q. The sound in my application doesn't work, what's wrong?

A. Make sure the sounds you're using in your application are .WAV files at 44100Hz (44.1kHz), 16bit and stereo. To do this use a program such as Audacity or Formatoz. Got another program you use to alter your .wav files? Why not let the FAQ know?
You can using Super, too and an other lua editor is Scite
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wow amazing i am half way in programming engineering ..sound very interesting . thank u all
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Default The 401*241 screen?

screen.drawline(x, y, x2, y2, c);
Draws a line on the screen memory buffer from (x,y) to (x2,y2) in
the color c.
is this correct?
draws a line from pixel 1,1 to 400,240

touch.pos(): integer, integer;
If there has been a touch screen event, return the X, Y coords
of the event.
-x, y = touch.pos();
that is correct?
the value of x,y is [0..399] [0..239]
the value of x,y is [1..400] [1..240]
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