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Default Xtra Scan Disk incomplete, can files be recovered?

I have an old Zen Xtra 40gb that I upgraded to 60. It has served me faithfully until recently, and the problems began thus:
A few months ago I had to re-solder the earphone jack, and then the player worked well. In the past month or so, the recharge jack has been faulty so the player hasn't been charging well. I had it attached to my XP (sp2,3) computer both to charge and to transfer files, when it would lose power, begin to reboot, start to rebuild files, and the cycle would begin again.

After reading through this forum, I turned player on in rescue mode, did a disk scan and the player (and I) recovered. But last Saturday, it did the same thing again only now when I try to do a scan disk, it stops (though it says 100%, when it did scan disk previously, it went up to some odd number like 538, which is, I'm guessing, the number of tracks on the player). I also go to reboot and it starts to rebuild library, but quits about 1/4 of the way through.

I reloaded the firmware: I am running the original 1.03.02 (and I don't want to have anything to do with P4S). My computer---both my XP and my windows 7 recognize the device, but I can't get any farther with it.

Can anyone help me get it to complete the scan disk? Can I do it through windows? If not, is there anyway to recover my files---I know windows won't let me because of the way the disk is partitioned, I think (forgive me, I know just enough to be dangerous). I do not want to reformat the disk because I know that will wipe out anything that is on the disk. Any suggestions? Any hope? I've purchased a new Zen 32gb, but I really would like to continue with Xtra. Thanks!
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