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Help Playlists?

Just got my new 4gb clip plus and am very happy with it. I was also looking forward to putting my WMP playlists on it. I connected it in MSC mode dragged all of my music on it, then i tried to put my already-made playlists from WMP on it using MTP and failed miserabley. So i've looked through the internet and on this forum and found a bunch of "best way to create playlists on sansa clip +!!" threads. I tried a couple and they didn't work or i got stuck.

Could someone point me in the right direction for creating playlists with music i already have on my clip plus? Thx!

And on a side note, what is Rockbox and what are the benefits?
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Stop mixing MSC and MTP modes, use one or the other. I use MSC mode and WinAmp to create playlists directly to the clip. Moving them around could cause a problem with incorrect pathnames within the playlist file.
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Ok i installed Winamp and created a playlist using it. On the clip the playlist shows up but it's empty :/

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You should find one of the older threads on creating a playlist with winamp. It doesn't matter if it's for the Fuze, Clip, or Clip+, they all work the same (at least for me).

1. My comments are for MSC mode only. Might work in MTP, but I don't know & don't care.

2. Make sure that you load the songs into Winamp from the Clip+.

3. Save the playlists onto the Clip+ in the root directory I think

4. I don't think that you can mix songs from the internal memory and the card. But there is a thread on that somewhere as well.

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Nevermind, i'm good to go

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Originally Posted by SANZA View Post
Hi!...And on a side note, what is Rockbox and what are the benefits?
Rockbox is a free open-source replacement operating system for many players, though not yet available for the Clip+. Check it out here -
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Nor yet available for the original Clip, in a fully stable release version--still being worked on.
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Taken from wuhan clan on and skinjob on (forums)

The following method allows you to use extended m3u playlists while in MSC mode, using the Sansa Clip, using MediaMonkey.
The KEY to this method is you must ensure the music folder/file directory in your Clip music folder matches the music folder/file directory on your computer.
If your music is rather unorganized and/or spread out in multiple locations on your computer, you MUST consolidate it, either manually or have a program do it for you (recommended). Like many others, I prefer MediaMonkey.
In MM, after you have built your library, simply ctrl+a all your songs in your library and right click -> "Auto-Organize". You will now be able to tell MM how exactly you want your music to be consolidated: folder structure + file name
eg. C:\Music\<Artist>\<Album>\<Artist> - <Album> - <Track#> - <Title> (Note you will have a root music folder. The root music folder doesn't have to be named \Music but as long as all your music falls into subfolders of your root music
folder, you're fine)
Now you must configure MediaMonkey to send your music to your Clip using that same folder/file structure. In MTP remove all the files in the folders on the CLIP except in the root folder. Switch Clip to Msc mode. At the top of the player
select "Tools" -> "Sync Device" -> "Configure Device" with your Clip plugged in. The 4th tab should be called "device configuration". Here you can configure the folder/file structure that MM will put onto your S9 during syncing. As long
as the structure you use here is the same as the one you used to auto-organize, everything will work. Now every time you use MM to add new music to your Clip, you can be assured it will be added into a folder structure identical to your
Now that MediaMonkey has organized your music collection and retained the identical organization onto your Clip, you are ready to build your playlists.
Simply build whatever playlists using MM. In the left-hand tree menu, select any playlist you have created (to include auto-playlists), right click -> "Send To" -> "Export as .m3u playlist".

Save the new playlist to your root music folder on your Clip.
The Clip expects to have relative paths inside the playlist.
For example, assuming the playlist is in the root of the player and all your files are under the \MUSIC folder in Artist/Album subfolders:
Relative path: MUSIC\Artist1\Album1\Track1.mp3
Full path: \MUSIC\Artist1\Album1\Track1.mp3
Note the leading backslash on the full path. This seemed to prevent the player from finding the files in the playlist. Removing the leading backslash solved the problem. So I think the paths in the playlist need to be relative to the location of the playlist file itself.

So the short version of the solution that worked for me:
1) Put all your music files under the \MUSIC folder on the player
2) Put your playlists in the root folder of the player
3) Make sure the paths in the playlists are the correct full paths to the files on the player, but without a leading backslash
Do that and the playlists will work perfectly. The one thing I noticed is that large playlists are a little slow to load on the player. Meaning when you select a 500 song playlist on the player it might take 20-30 seconds to open it and
can be slow to navigate in the playlist. But once you start playback it works perfectly.
To deal with fixing the paths in the playlists I created a little batch file that uses a free command line search and replace tool. The tool is SSR (Simple Search and Replace).
Get SSR here:
Here's batch file contents:
FOR %%f IN (*.m3u) DO ssr 0 C:\Music\ Music\ "%%f" (case sensitive)
Put the ssr.exe and the batch file in the root of the player. Then after syncing, just run the batch file and all the playlists will be fixed.
Hope this help anyone else having trouble with playlists in MSC mode.
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