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Unhappy Speaker won't turn on!

All of a sudden the speaker doesn't work no more. The icon still changes and it detects when i plug or unplug the headphones(which thankfully work fine), but the speaker doesn't make a sound when i remove them nor when i turn it on.
I have tried reinstalling the firmware (i was up to date) and also running the recovery tool, which just reinstall the firmware too.
And the last attempt has been with the recovery screen: i have made a Clean Up with the only apparent result of going back to the original desktop arrangement and wallpaper, and the dissapearence of the calculator app - the music still shows up,firmware on it is still the last one.
I could do the format all option as a last exit , i guess, but any suggestion would be welcome.
I don't think it's a hardware issue cause there hasn't been any kind of hit to the player or overheat or overuse of it at all, it feels like a software/firmware problem to me.

Has anyone had this kind of problem? Any ideas? Help please!
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Whoa ,nevermind, it just got back to life ,but for the love of god i don't know why it went and why it's back, now i was trying again and it didn't turned on until twenty seconds into a song.
Maybe the clean up sorta worked or the speaker is just buggy
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I was about to mention if you had accidentaly muted it before? but then I read that you did clean up and firmware, so it should have unmuted itself if you went back to default.

Well at least its working again.
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