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Thumb Up video4fuze 0.5 is out!

There seems to be a bit of bug fixes for it and i dont seem to get the Fast Forward problem with my videos anymore. I had not seen this posted and it seems a few are fans of it here, and thought I should let others know if they want something a lot easier and faster to use to add video for their fuze


--0.5-- Fixed launch of v4f in OSX UI enhancements Mencoder invoquing code almost rewritten: now it should load just fine mencoder binaries in paths containing whitespace. (Me and my personal war against whitespaces in windows...) Now v4f remembers last used paths for videos, songs and images AMG backend dropped in favour of fuzemux. Code for this based on Struct's modification LOTS of code cleanup. Settings in INI files in windows and OSX too
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Thanks jsc315 and to the people behind video4fuze!

I've tried this video4fuze 0.5 to convert primarily my .avi files and it works. I came accross this application in another thread care of skip252, and fortunately for me, I didn't have to undergo many of the hassles others have encountered with SMC or in converting/transferring their video files to their Fuze. This is the first third-party software I've tried and it worked right away. Thanks as well to the abi forums on Fuze, a little bit of research saved me a lot of time and trouble.

This is how I did it if you'd be indulgent enough -
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Can't wait to download it at home.
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My video produced by video4fuze seems a little choppy, like it jumps frames once every several seconds. Everything else is fine, and its watchable.
I am wondering if this is normal or should I tweek any settings or is the the source format?


EDIT: My source video is 23.98 fps.. I think that might make mencoder have to skip an uneven number of frames per second to convert to 20fps..Does it have to be 20 fps?

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viideo4fuze works great for me, thanks to whoever create the program
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cool news...thanks! Though i never watch vids on my fuze...What are you guys watching anyways?
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i would like to see a version of this for rockbox users that makes mpeg/mpeg2 files rather then avi's
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Originally Posted by SheepCake View Post
i would like to see a version of this for rockbox users that makes mpeg/mpeg2 files rather then avi's
You might want to spend some time in the Wiki. Lot's of really useful tools and info there. BTW use the e200 preset in WinFF. It works for a Rockboxed Fuze also.
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Works perfectly on Ubuntu 10.04. Thanks
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