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Default X-Fi2 Experience less than desirable

So I've owned this piece of hardware for about 2 months now. I bought it because it had a MicroSD slot and I had intended to play music from said slot. Oh woe when I discovered that the X-Fi2 could not do so without taking at least 30 seconds to re-read the contents of the card every time I turned it on and wanted to access it.

However, there was a shining light of hope to save this player from bad opinion; it could have applications. More than that, every day users could code them themselves, make whatever they wanted within the confines of the player. The language used was also an easy yet powerful one; Lua. It's a fun and easy language for someone like me, who enjoys designing more than actually making. It doesn't take long to see the results of my labours and that satisfies me.

However, as time wore on, this little add-on could not save the player from a growing negative opinion. There are several aspects of the firmware and the devices capabilities that I feel greatly let down by.

Certainly, it is a PMP, and as such it is supposed to be able to do many things; from audio playing to picture viewing to video. Certainly, it does all these things, and it does them all smoothly without a hitch. However, I'm not interested in watching video often on the player. Viewing pictures is sometimes useful, but not often. What I mostly wanted the X-Fi2 to do for me is play my music.

It plays my music without trouble, which is nice, but there are still problems. It would be better if the firmware always loaded into the 'Now Playing' screen when the player was turned on, with every other feature accessible through the Home menu as it already is. This is a major let down, and I'm sick of how long it takes to get to my music and actually hear it. The same slowness of navigation is further increased by a lack of buttons. The ability to quickly and blindly navigate my music collection is something I value, and something the player sorely lacks.

I'm well aware of the scientific research that says the limits of human hearing are between 20Hz and 20kHz, but what's bass if you can't feel it? I'm a drum & bass fan, among other genres I enjoy, and I like heavy bass. I have headphones that have a frequency range of 5Hz to 30,000Hz. Sound that far out may not translate directly into audible sound in our heads, but I can certainly feel the pressure and pulse, and I like it. This 20-20 limit seems to apply to a lot of PMP's that are on the market this year, and I admit it's going to be difficult to find one that I'll want.

Perhaps I'll go back to my previous SONY Walkman HDD player which I gave to a friend while she searches for a new one for herself. 6GB isn't a lot of space, and having to use specific software to transfer tracks over to it is slow and mildly annoying, but the firmware is brilliant and the sound quality excellent; which is what I want an audio player for.

As for the games I was making for the X-Fi2, I wont be making any more. I'll continue to design and develop games in Lua, as it's an excellent language, but I plan on doing so for the PC instead.

tldr; It was fun, while it lasted, but I want something better.
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