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Old 04-02-2010, 02:57 AM
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Lightbulb Solution to creating .spl playlists for song folders within P3's Music folder.

If you already have a nice tidy folder of songs on your PC, you can use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the entire folder into your P3's Music folder. Quick and easy without having to use the wacky kindergarten class created EmoDio software.

But this is the tricky part, because normally now you're forced to browse to that folder to play the songs and whatever order they're already in. Here's a solution to creating playlists for the song folders themselves:

1. Use Foobar2000 1.0.1 to first create .m3u8 playlist inside P3's Playlist folder (eg: Best Ever Beer Songs.m3u8).
2. Use the attached m3u8 to spl Playlist Converter 1.02 to convert the playlist to .spl format. Easy directions are on the included .txt
3. Using Windows Explorer browse to Playlist folder on P3 and open the .m3u8 file with Notepad, then highlight and copy very first song name (eg: E:\Music\Best Ever Beer Songs\01 Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69.wma) because the converter occasionally omits the first song for some reason (?).
4. Open the new .spl file with Notepad and paste in the first song name, obviously above whatever the second song name was;-)
5. VIP! Now highlight and copy just the main drive name, eg: E: then click Edit > Replace > Find what: and paste it there to then Replace with: nothing (leave it blank).

So instead of seeing this E:\Music\Best Ever Beer Songs\01 Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69.wma
you'll now see just this \Music\Best Ever Beer Songs\01 Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69.wma and for every other song on the list.

Reason is you want the P3 to find the folder within itself and not on your computer's hard drive, savvy? So you can't have any reference for that song folder except for being inside the P3's own Music folder.

6. The final path should then look like this \Music\Best Ever Beer Songs\01 Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69.wma
\Music\ is the P3's Music folder and Best Ever Beer Songs\ is the name of the folder itself and 01 Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69.wma is the name of the first song on the playlist.
7. Now save the new .spl file inside the P3's Playlist folder and you can delete the original .m3u8 file.
8. Ensure the top of these .spl files always look like


then the beginning of the song playlist is a full space below it
and with a full space after the end of the playlist at the bottom it says


Tedious, but the only way to do this if creating playlists for the song folders themselves and not just for all the individual songs using EmoDio.

EmoDio can only use UMS PC Transfer mode to create playlists anyway, and will then only copy the songs en masse into the P3's Music folder.

If you want nice tidy folders of categorized groups of songs or a massive messy bunch of individual songs hogging up the entire Music folder, it's up to you.

As for myself, I can have the best of both worlds this way, re: playing songs from the tidy categorized song folders themselves and/or using playlists for the song folders too.

BTW this entire process of trial and error using nearly every playlist creating software available, etc. took three days to resolve and this was the only way that worked. Call me crazy or persistent, but I'm finally satisfied regardless.

Hope this helps someone...
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