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Default Spinn Not Responding - Is there a Hard Reset?

I bought an iriver Spinn 8GB model two months ago while I was visiting California. It originally came with firmware 1.2, but I upgraded it to 2.32 a couple of weeks ago.
I liked the device and it worked very well, until Saturday night. I was configuring my cellphone to talk to my computer via Bluetooth, with my Spinn playing the radio nearby. I thought that I would try to see the Spinn on the Computer's Bluetooth Manager. I knew that the Bluetooth was only for headphones, but I wanted to see how my computer saw the device, and to see if firmware 2.3x offered any expansion of capability.
Sure enough, when I turned on the bluetooth in the Spinn, I saw it on the computer correctly. I could not, however, transfer files or read the device via bluetooth, as I expected. So, I turned off the Spinn and closed my computer session.
The next day, I went for a walk. As usual, I grabbed my Spinn to accompany me. However, when I turned it on, I was unable to input any commands via the spin wheel or screen. The only buttons that work are the on/off, lock and reset.
When I plug it in via USB and turn it on, the Spinn will ask if I want to connect Power and Play or Power and Data. I cannot input a response. I starts up, but is frozen on the main screen and I cannot input anything.
I have tried resetting it several times, and letting the battery run down.
Nothing works. My computer can still see the device, so I know it is transmitting on Bluetooth, but I cannot control it via the computer. I have tried removing and unpairing it, but to no avail. It seems to be stuck in some sort of loop that I cannot break.
What can I do for a hard reset? Should I physically remove the battery?
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There is a tiny hole on the back of the unit that says "reset" next to it, get a paperclip or needle and poke it in the hole until you feel a small click. This should reset it.
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Thanks, but that was the second thing I tried, after restarting it the normal way. I've pressed that pinhole at least a hundred times by now, and have tried to hold it down for up to 10 seconds.
I even tried a bluetooth headset (Sony) on "discoverable" next to it.


I am still frustrated with this thing!
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when it asks you Power and Play or Power and Data did you try both via touch and spinn button?
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I buy new SPINN. Try to turn on,but with no any life signs. Charge from PC and USB charger. And no results. Then i read in some forums nice tips and tricks.
I remove back cover and with multimeter test battery-voltage was 2.5 volts (not enough to start charging). I cut old SonyEricsson usb cable and cler wires then with multimeter found 4.8 volts (voltage from PC usb port). Connect + wire(red) and - wire(black) (wire colors may be different in other usb cables) to spinn battery for a 5 seconds. Then remove all wires. After that I connect original spinn usb cable to player and charging starts without any problems from pc and usb charger.

That means-battery must have at least 3.5 volts to start charging. Because in player is voltage and charging controller.
I hope you understand me!
Be careful to do this.

Sorry for my english!
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