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Default Fuze v1 died, Rockbox to blame?

My Fuze v1 died. At first, it began to refuse to read microSD cards that were readable on the PC (in both Rockbox and in the OF). Later on, I got a dead pixel on the LCD. Finally, it seems that the internal storage got corrupted or otherwise died (I assume it had some bad sectors or something, no way of really checking for that).

The question I have is - could Rockbox have caused this? I had the player for about 1.5 years and only started using rockbox with it about 5 months ago. Is it possible that Rockbox has some bugs that makes it kill the internal storage while writing to it?

It is also entirely possible that I simply banged up the Fuze too much. I didn't really take good care of it, it spent its lifetime in my jacket pocket without any case or anything. I am sure it fell on the floor a number of times.

I'm not about to start blaming the Rockbox devs for my Fuze dying - I knew the risks of installing it. Besides, it was a cheap player and frankly, I got much more out of it than I thought possible, particularly after installing Rockbox.

Nevertheless, I'd like to ask other Fuze v1 and Rockbox users if they had any problems with their internal storage dying since it might just be a bug.
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