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Default NWZ-A845 UK release - a few specific questions

Hello, I have found this forum incredibly interesting and informative, and as I now desperately need a new Walkman I thought I would enquire about the new NWZ-A845, seemingly just released in the UK with literally no fanfare. This is the one I am thinking of getting, for clarity:

1. Does this one have 'on-the-go' playlists, playlists that can be created and edited whenever, from the device? I know the X Series didnt, and this was a major letdown.

2. Can iTunes be used to transfer tracks to it? I've seen people saying that it can and that it can't, so I'd just like this cleared up. I hate using drag n drop software, as I cannot bear to see tracks transferred with even slightly wrong song titles or without cover arts haha.

3. Is the 'Now Playing' function restored, which was absent from the X-Series? I couldn't believe they took this off when I tried the X.

4. Is the sound quality as good as the X series, worse, or better? I know that somewhat broad but any minor indication would be good, although I'm sure there isnt much between them.

5. If I understand correctly, there is no plan to release the 32GB model in thr UK. If this is the case, has anyone or does anyone know if 32GB models can be imported from Europe or wherever and have complete compatability/functionality etc?

I think that's about it. Above all, would yall actually recommend it over the X-series? i'm sure that's been done to death, but just a simply 'yes/no' is cool.

Thanks a lot!
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