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Old 05-06-2010, 12:56 AM
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Exclamation To anyone thinking of getting a Windows Mobile device, reconsider.....

I've been one of those people that stuck by Windows Mobile for a long time. People stated that it froze, had errors, etc. Nothing that I experienced, but I just felt those people never knew what the hell they were doing on their phone to begin with. Still, I went ahead and got the HTC HD2 and found some rather crippling reasons as to why buying Windows Mobile now would be bad.

Recently I've been contacting the companies that are making apps for Android, iPhone, etc. Mostly to see if they were going to port their programs onto the Windows Mobile platform. Their response was generally this type of response:

"Windows Mobile Market is not doing well. It's not selling many apps. Microsoft is giving developers a tough time when they want to sell their apps on Marketplace. Finally, Microsoft Marketplace doesn't market their stuff enough"

Some of these companies were even companies that STARTED THEIR BUSINESS with Windows Mobile!!! Now they decided that since Windows Mobile isn't doing well then they will not focus so much on it or not at all depending on how it goes.

I'd have to say that the final crippling reason will be Windows Mobile 7. They are supposedly completely redoing it and making the applications for it into a whole new format that will not be backwards compatible, BUT it will be able to support installation of PREVIOUS Windows Mobile applications. Meaning that in probably less than a year all previous Windows Mobile devices will stop getting the newer apps for it.

Now I'm not saying the device that I own isn't good. The Tmobile HD2 is GREAT. It's slick, clean, easy to use, does have a lot of apps and the hardware is outstanding (It can run FPSECE absolutely perfect even with multi touch). Still, the idea that it runs the best hardware available and Microsoft is being a bunch of pussies saying "it won't be able to run it" means Microsoft is just a complete piece of trash that doesn't stand behind it's customers. I won't tell you not to get ANY Windows Mobile device (Windows Mobile 7 could be amazing for all I know), but FOR NOW I'd recommend not getting one because it will just not receive further support very soon. I won't recommend iPhone for obvious reasons, but I do recommend the Android devices because they do have a device with the same outstanding hardware that the HD2 has. Android is getting a lot of apps behind it too so there's really nothing that you will be missing from Windows Mobile. I hope this thread helps some people reconsider buying a Windows Mobile device if they have been thinking about it. Thanks.
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