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Default Dead screen.

Hey guys! Got the P3 on July last year,so I've got it for about 1O months now? Though these past one month has really been hell. The screen went dead on me. Not the whole panel,but where the bottom right 'OK' button is and the quarter upper half of it is dead,no response at all. A few random spots such as the DNSE button on the pull up list can't be touched too,which is really a pity. I do have a warranty,but it's only applicable in Hong Kong,and by the time it takes to ship there and back,it's already void. I've contacted Samsung Singapore,and even they aren't sure what I should do. And even if I got it fixed,they say I get only a week's warranty from the fixation date,so if my screen goes dead again,I'd have to send it back,and I'm sure even the first time's gonna cost.

What do I do? I really love the P3,and I was hoping to be using it for a couple more years,to be honest. I'm just a student,so affording another player is really out of the question. Really stuck here guys.
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sorry... but hte only way to get it fixed is to send it back...
if you can get an touchcreen module form an old p3 and the knowledges to insert it you can make it on this way but you will lose your warrenty.....

in my oppinion you should send it to samsung... i had this,too abd the screen is getting more dead if you touch it...
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