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Old 05-17-2010, 07:11 PM
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Default P3 not reading files and not connecting to the computer

My sister was using my Samsung P3 (2.20 firmware) when she told me it suddenly stopped working. I don't what she did to it but the music files, although they play, do not show up on screen. There is also this very quick and slight blur of the display where it changes to this obscure orangey colour. What's worse is that it won't connect to the computer, so I can't update the firmware or try to reinstall some of the music (which worked on my old iRiver mp3 player).

After bringing it to me telling there was a problem, I hit the reset button and it restarted fine. But the issue was still there. Pictures seemed normal in their folders', but videos and music files didn't show up, apart from a small symbol that catalogued my entire selection of music.

And it won't connect to the computer fully, in that, when I plug it into the USB port, it shows up the normal "USB connected" picture/phrase, but then freezes. It does not show up on my computer. And removing the USB cable does nothing apart from make my computer bleep (you know, the normal noise). I have to hit reset so that the mp3 player does anything again.

This is obviously a problem I cannot fix. But I wondered what you guys thought it might be and what I should do? Fortunately, even though my one-year warrantly might be up, I paid extra for the Zen Engagement with Pixmania, which covered my Shure headphones when the jack snapped off (which my sister also did). So I'm pretty sure I'm covered here, also.

Thanks a lot.


Edit: Apologies, I posted this in the Firmware section when it probably belongs in the main P3 forum. I'll contact a mod/admin if I need it moved. Soz.
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