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Default Unlock seems to be a problem

If I leave the player for a while it locks (correctly).
When I drag the lock icon to the edge of the screen it appears to have unlocked, until I try to shut down, then it says it is still locked. It can take me 10 to 20 tries to unlock then turn off. I have tried many methods but to no avail, it just seems to suddenly work.

I decided to turn the auto lock off. Yes the little light indicator goes off. Then when I try to shut down, it says it is locked. It is becoming a nuisance!

I have the latest firmware.
Any thoughts on what I am not doing correctly please?
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Maybe you're not pressing the key for long enough?

Have in mind that one click on the turn on/shutdown key locks the player.
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I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but do you hold the power button long enough for it to shutdown?
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Having read your comments (I was blissfully unaware of the hold) and tested I find that if it is locked and I click quick it asks me to drag the icon.
What I was doing was a quick click after dragging, which in fact was re-locking rather than failing to unlock.
Holding the button after a lock does nothing until release, then the icon appears.
The hold is required after unlocking, which as you suggest solves the problem
Many thanks
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If you press the on/lock button for 0.5-1 second, it registers as locking the player

If you hold on the button for about 2 seconds you'll see on your screen it says 'shutting down' when that happens, just let go. Even if you don't let go, the player will still shut off. (player must be in unlocked status).

You cannot turn off the player while its locked, you must do the drag icon to unlock it first if thats what you're asking. atleast that's whats going on with my player
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Don't feel bad about not noticing Donone, you're not the first one I've heard having this problem.
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Thanks everybody, nice to have friendlies here, not judges.
Why do users (me) never read the instructions, which would answer most of the problems?
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