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Help Date Tags < 1900AD Question/Heads Up

This isn't an "I have a problem" post, but a simple heads up regarding date tags and MTP protocol.

If your date tag in your media file is dated earlier than 1900, the date will not display in the S-series media players, and likely won't display in the E-series either (similar firmware). I can only speculate, but I believe the MTP protocol freaks out a little bit when it sees a date older than 1900.

I also think the powers that be forgot that there is music older than 1900 on this planet. For most, it won't matter because they don't listen to classical music on a media player or else don't utilize the date tag. But I own quite a bit of it, and the date in the date tag of my files is the date the piece was composed. This means fully 1/4 of my music library on my hard drive has dates on it that place the music in the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries.

I've let you guys know, but where do I go next? Do I go to Sony because their player doesn't support pre-1900 dates? Do I go to Microsoft since Windows Media Player doesn't like pre-1900 dates either? Do I go to both, or is there someplace I should go that I haven't thought of?

P.S. Long walks off short piers are not an answer.
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